We provide accounting services (from registration of primary documents to preparation of financial statements) to any companies.

We provide the following services

Management of primary documents:

  • Registration of purchases and sales invoices;
  • Registration of cash records;
  • Registration of advance financial reports;
  • Registration of bank documents;
  • Registration and examination of other primary documents.

Fixed assets:

  • Accounting of fixed assets;
  • Certificates of acceptance;
  • Depreciation summary reports.

Personnel and payroll accounting:

  • Employement, discharge, computation of travel and leave allowances;
  • Completion of time record sheets;
  • Computation of wages;
  • Preparation of orders, applications, and resolutions.

Preparation of financial statements:

  • Profit and loss statement;
  • Balance sheet;
  • Report on accounts payable;
  • Summary reports on the use of money by accountable persons;
  • Company's cash accounting;
  • Annuan financial statements.

Preparation and filing of reports with various agencies:

  • Monthly and annual tax returns with Tax Inspectorate;
  • Reports with SODRA (State Social Insurance Fund);
  • Completion and delivery of documents to the relevant agency;
  • Negotiation of debts with your customers and suppliers.

Our accounting professionals make use of accounting software that enables them to perform tasks in an optimal manner and provide our customers with accurate, timely information on the financial position of their companies.