About us



We constantly watch and analyse stock exchanges, and since 2008 we have been successfully conducting business in this field. With regard to this, our primary focus is on our own securities portfolio on the stock exchanges of the Baltic countries and Romania. We are shareholders in many companies, both directly and through our subsidiary company in Romania. We search for undervalued companies, and are ready to support them by acquiring a majority of their shares. Thanks to longstanding experience of our shareholders, we are able to successfully reorganize companies that are experiencing difficulties.


When presenting annual financial statements prepared by various Lithuanian companies that provide accounting services, we soon realised that here in Lithuania there was a shortage of companies providing reliable services in this field. Therefore in 2012 we decided to establish our own accounting department and internal audit to give advice on tax issues. Now we are properly qualified to provide professional accounting services to other companies. Because we operate in strict accordance with the Western European standards, our customers can expect that we will be able to properly write an email or customer’s name. You will receive a suitable offer in a short time, and soon enough you will also receive a contract which we will adhere to and comply with (alas, it is not always an everyday occurrence here in Lithuania). The accounting services we offer are provided in line with the Accounting Law of the Republic of Lithuania and other legislative instruments.

Give us a trial! You will be delighted with it, and soon you will notice (and find) a difference between us and our rivals because we take our motto


Our uniqueness, your profit“



literally, and it is very likely that you will find our customer support team convincing and not disappointing.